Our church leadership body has important roles.  They are divided into Shepherding Elders, Deacons and  Administrative Committee with both elders and deacon members.

The Shepherding Elders are accountable for the pastoral, nurture, and spiritual care of the congregation, new members, widows and elderly.  The deacons are responsible for leading our members into ministries of mercy and service to each other and the community.  The Administrative Elders and Deacons are responsible for taking a lead in the management, strategic planning, and decision making of the congregation.

Shepherding Elders

Dave Beute, Jon Bruin, Lois Craven, Gerhard Griffioen, Barb Jansen, Gene Kuipers, Mark Lubberts, Phil Ouwinga, Marge Vander Ploeg,

Administrative Elders

Beth Swagman, Kori Youngblood, Lance Griffioen

Administrative Deacons

Paula Bakhuyzen, Julie Hielkema


Shelia Buys, Gail Hengeveld, Jodi Pyper, Marcelino Secundino,